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Pablo A. Zamora

International Alliance Manager

Pablo A. Zamora is the International Alliance Program Manager of PIPRA. He is also a scientist with research interests surrounding plant microbiome interactions, genomic resources, access to genetic resources, and intellectual property.

Pablo has published numerous research papers in leading scientific journals and is frequently invited to speak at universities, scientific research centers, and international symposia. He also holds several patents related to regulation of plant secondary metabolism for pharmaceutical applications and crop development.

Pablo earned a B.Sc. degree in Biochemistry and a Ph.D in Biotechnology at the University of Santiago of Chile, with both degrees specializing in plant biology. Pablo moved to California to complete a postdoctoral position at University of California, Davis and became Senior Scientist at UC Davis, where he led and developed research projects in plant genomic sciences.

In the last three years, Pablo moved to the private sector to became Senior Scientist at the Mars Advanced Research Institute of MARS Incorporated, leading a portfolio of R&D projects in plant and microbial genomics, system biology, and plant breeding.

Additionally, Pablo serves as the Chief Science Officer at the UC Davis-Chile Life Sciences Innovation Center.


Alan B.Bennett

Executive Director

Monica Alandete-Saez

Director of Analyses & Outreach

David J. Jefferson

Law & Policy Analyst

Kathy Esparza

Program Assistant

Catalina Gertsmann

Project Coordinator