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David J. Jefferson

Law & Policy Analyst

David J. Jefferson is the Law and Policy Analyst at PIPRA and an attorney licensed by the State Bar of California (#299086). David conducts research and analysis surrounding intellectual property laws and institutional IP policies for countries with emerging economies. He then shares the results of these analyses with policymakers in the countries with which PIPRA works, so that they may inform both the internal IP policies of public sector entities, and national IP laws.

David also provides support for PIPRA’s educational and outreach programs by coordinating and participating in courses, workshops, and lectures, in both English and Spanish languages. David is interested in fostering the creation of laws and policies which support international agricultural development and entrepreneurship with multiple bottom lines.

He has published widely on these issues, in leading law reviews and scientific journals. Prior to joining PIPRA, David served as the Executive Director of two Boston-based NGOs focused on policy reform and empowerment through entrepreneurship. David holds an M.A. degree in community psychology from Suffolk University and a J.D. from the UC Davis School of Law.

David has recently begun research towards a Ph.D. in Law from the University of Queensland, which is supported by a scholarship from the U.S. Fulbright program. David’s research evaluates a process of experimental, participatory lawmaking through a case study of the revision of Ecuador’s national framework for intellectual property protections.


Alan B.Bennett

Executive Director

Monica Alandete-Saez

Director of Analyses & Outreach

Pablo A. Zamora

International Alliance Manager

Kathy Esparza

Program Assistant

Catalina Gertsmann

Project Coordinator